Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michael Richards is an Asshole!!

Associated Press
LOS ANGELES — Michael Richards said Monday he spewed racial epithets during a stand-up comedy routine because he lost his cool while being heckled and not because he's a bigot.
“For me to be at a comedy club and flip out and say this crap, I'm deeply, deeply sorry,” the former Seinfeld co-star said during a satellite appearance for David Letterman's Late Show in New York. “I'm not a racist. That's what's so insane about this,” Richards said, his tone becoming angry and frustrated as he defended himself. A clip from the show played on CBS before Late Show aired Monday night. Richards described himself as going into “a rage” over the two audience members who interrupted his act Friday at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. Richards responded to the black hecklers with repeated use of the “n word” and profanities. Comedian George Lopez told Los Angeles television station KTLA that he thought Richards' lack of stand-up experience may have been a factor.
“The question is you have an actor who is trying to be a comedian who doesn't know what to do when an audience is disruptive,” Lopez said. “He's an actor whose show has been off the air, he shouldn't ever be on a stand-up gig.”

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds regarding Michael Richards:
Odds on what Michael Richards will do next:
He will confess to being a KKK member- 50/1
He will write a book titled the Kramer Mein Kampf- 150/1
He will marry an African American man- 20/1
He will donate a million dollars to the NAACP- 10/1
He will attempt to start Kramer Arian youth groups- 150/1
He will be arrested for a hate crime- 2/1
He will admit to an African American heritage- 150/1
He will tour Africa- 6/4
He will Marry Michael Jackson- 2/1
He will move to South Africa and advocate apartheid- 150/1
Mike Tyson will physically assault him- 5/1
Michael Richards (Kramer) Will Disappear- 10/1
Michael Richards (Kramer) will move to the south- 150/1
Kramer will begin a celebrity KKK group- 5/1
Who will be the next group Michael Richards (Kramer) will insult:
Women- 2/1
Asians- 2/1
Latinos- 2/1
Indians- 5/1
Native Americans- 10/1
Gays- 6/4
Semites- 5/1
Elders- 6/4
Children- 10/1
Arabs- 2/1
Catholic Community- 5/1
Republicans- 5/1
Democrats- 10/1
Who will be the next celebrity to use the “N-word” in public:
Mel Gibson- 2/1
Jerry Seinfeld- 150/1
Marilyn Manson- 50/1
Kid Rock- 2/1
George Michael- 50/1
Michael Jackson- 10/1
Who will be the next Seinfeld star to be racist:
Larry David- 50/1
Jerry Seinfeld- 150/1
Julia Louis-Dreyfus- 2/1
Jason Alexander- 5/1


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three things:
1) I would love to hear the excuses these bigots will be trying to use on judgment day. How anyone can harbor this kind of hate and think that they will not pay with their very lives are fooling only themselves and those like them. No matter what your religion or race, God HATES you if you hate your brother. Period.

2) It makes me very sad to think that behavior like this makes people think that under a thin layer of veneer all people are secretly like this excuse for a human. I think most black people,(not “afro Americans” or blacks, I mean, his use of these out-of-date and racially clouded terms shows that he is truly is a racist) want to let this issue die. But if the people that we as society put on a pedestal are these kinds of ignorant bigots, then WE are to blame, as a society for the cancer that eats at our love for each other: racism. Dave Chappelle is one of the most famous comedians today. What is his ever present theme? Hate. People love to laugh at hate, and things that are disgusting to anyone that truly loves their brother. As long as these “comedians” are paid top dollar and their actions condoned by our viewing, then things will never change.
At least I know, that if I feel the way I do, and others feel the same, we are not without hope. I guess we are the few that truly want the world to change. In that sense, I'm very proud to be a minority.


"I got heckled and I took it badly and went into a rage and said some pretty nasty things to some Afro-Americans, a lot of trash talk"..."I’m very, very sorry to those people in the audience, the blacks"

I’m sorry if I don't believe an "apology" from someone that is a member of a group with a racist agenda of hate dating back centuries, a group that does it's best to keep this putrid kind of thinking alive. Caught, not sorry, caught.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Richards is an asshole. If he were not and he was annoyed, (through his own incompetence as a performer), he would have insulted these people as he would members of his own race. Instead he concentrated entirely on the fact that these individuals were "different" from himself and attempted to denigrate them on this perceived issue alone. Like Mel Gibson this man is filled with hatred and unleashes this hate toward those he feels are most vulnerable. He was never more than a fourth banana on the Seinfeld show and his apologies are worthless. These things were not utered accidentally. He meant what he said and repeated his feelings to the point of a tirade. He should be ignored but not forgotten for what he is.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fine here for everyone to wildly cast the first stones, I see. His use of those out-of-date terms, contrary to showing "he is truly a racist" actually shows that he was raised by racists and it scarred him and he has yet to get over it, despite his public life. The concept that Michael Richards is somehow on a pedastal is laughable, as well; his career since Seinfeld has been one of relative failure, and the character he played on Seinfeld was never particularly "lovable" to begin with.

Life deals us all a series of successes and defeats, and if we were all held up to the scathing light, our failures would be as eveident as his have been. God HATES you if you cannot forgive, and people who write "period" after the actual period come off quite self-righteous indeed.

We're all human and there are worse things the man could have done.


1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To hate and act on that hatred, there is nothing worse that a man can do.

3:49 PM  

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